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A child's brain develops more in the first three years of life than at any other time. You are your child’s first teacher and playmate!

The importance of stimulation for a child's development

Every child needs stimulation in order to develop their bodies and minds in a healthy and normal way. One of the most common things that children need in order to develop in a healthy and normal way is social interaction with other children.

Children who don't get enough social interaction, who are isolated from other children, may not be able to learn how to regulate themselves or interact with others. They may not learn how to read social cues, such as "I want you to go away," they may not develop empathy and they may not know how to share.


What are your favorite activities with your child?

Parents also need to make sure that their children are getting the right amount of stimulation so they can develop properly. Few ways to stimulate your child's development: 

- Singing

- Teaching them something new

- Playing games with them

- Singing songs or reading books

- Horseback riding or running

- Playing sports with them

- Playing with smaller toys to help their hand eye coordination

- Playing soft games like puzzles or games where they have to complete a goal

- Playing hard games like puzzles or games where they have to complete a goal

- Helping them with their homework

- Watching them practice their spelling words or math problems

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